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US rugby sevens coach frustrated despite win over ‘pretty average’ Japan

Chris Brown sounded keen to return to the dressing room and admonish his players, which felt a little incongruous since his team had just won their second match of the

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Garlic facts and history: The truth about vampires and health benefits

For thousands of years, we’ve used one vegetable as a spice to flavor our toast, treat ear infections and ward off vampires: garlic. Garlic is the edible bulb of a

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Britain carves out exemption for gold clearing banks from Basel III rule

Banks clearing gold trades in London can apply for an exemption from tighter capital rules due in January 2022, a British regulator said on Friday, removing what some said was

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The new RadRover is Rad Power Bikes’ first e-bike with an integrated battery

The RadRover, Rad Power Bikes’ flagship electric bike, is getting another major upgrade. The bike will be the first from the Seattle-based company to feature a semi-integrated battery. And when

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British Columbia coastal cleaning crew finds 9-year-old message in a bottle

A British Columbia crew cleaning up plastic waste on the coast found a message in a bottle tossed into the ocean by a Washington state teenager nine years earlier. Jeff

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